Segment your audiences before surveying

Do you segment your audiences when you communicate to them? Do you speak to your Twitter followers in a particular way? Do you email clients differently than you email prospects? Do you send handwritten cards to large donors? You can segment your audiences when you survey them as well.

Why segment surveys?

When you segment your audience, you are narrowing down your understanding of a small portion of your overall audience. This helps identify the value of your product that resonates with that group. This helps you create messaging that addresses that value and creates more positive association with your organization.

How to segment surveys?

If you’re not already segmenting your audiences, you may want to consider it. Here are some criteria along which you may want to segment your audience.

You may want to take advantage of audience self-segmenting. If you distribute identical or very similar surveys through specific channels, the responses you receive will already be segmented along channel. Depending on how you release those surveys you can find some real jewels specifically in those audience members who may follow you on multiple channels (eg – Facebook and email) but their response to one survey over the other may help identify where they are more compelled to action.

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to segment your survey audiences. You may have questions or you’re trying to gain insight into things shared by your entire audience.

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